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Это цитата сообщения Маленькая_мамочка Оригинальное сообщениеКак это делается.

Мастер класс от  Aidamaris Roman 

Start by the nose using a stylus.

Eyes are done with a ribbon tool

Once I have the face done I put her on a wire armature.

Then I make the entire body

Then I carve off all the fat with a xacto knife


After her feet are done I put her on pose

Then bake  at 275 . This doll is about 1" at her thickest part so , I will bake for one hour.

I sculpt the hands on the glass and then put them on her. Then bake again for 15 minutes to cure her hands.

After it's cured I paint the eyes and accent her with a little genesis paint.

Then I choose the hair color. For those many of you that asked me where to find this tibetan skins , I purchase them at rynda's http://www.ryndaoriginals.com/Tibetan_Skins.htm She can make any color you ask her . She made pale colors specially for me which she now sells on her site.

This time I chosen light green and blue tibetan

Then I set it using hair products and acrylic glaze


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